Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pink Saturday.....My rosiest of friends!

Happy Pink Saturday my dear friends! Please join our dear Beverly over at to find 144 PINKIE participating in this weeks pink Saturday!

Today I want to share with you some of my TREASURES! Treasures in the form of the Rosiest Friends in the world! Friends I have found that I have had the chance to watch our friendship bloom like a beautiful rose! Gals whom I am lucky enough that they have "picked " me for their garden of friendship!
First I have my BFF Vicki,you have seen alot of treasures she has shared with me....remember my beautiful blue cameo? She has also shared with me this lovely Vintage Hot Chocolate Mug. The mug has no markings on the bottom,so I know very little about it...except that I love it!
It is a pure tresure to is my BFF Vicki!
I am so excited to tell you that Vicki sent me over the edge yesterday, she knows how very much I have wanted a vintage dress form,AND guess what!!! She has "sold" me hers! I can hardly wait to "gussie" her up and post her soon! I shall name my form "Victoria Rose"!
Friends are like roses...beautiful and to be enjoyed! I also want to thank my Bloggie Friend The Dear Ol' Dame Penniwig,she creates beautiful FREE graphics! She also made my banner for my blog,ETSY store,and for Faithful Frannies blog! The Ol' Dame is bound and determined to teach me how to use this computer ,I know sometimes I am a lil' thorn to her side ,but I value her friendship please stop in to see her at!
I also want to say thank you to all my PINK Saturday friends...imagine the beauty I see when I click on their post and their blogs to see they encourage my sales of Faithful Frannie,and they applaud my efforts to raise money for breast cancer! Claudie...BJ...Holly... Beverly,YOU know what I am talking about! Thanks so much!
Pink Ladies! Thank you for helping me flourish in our Garden of Friendship! You all are the best "Bloomin Buds"a girl could ask for! I love you all!
Thank you to


  1. It's nice to receive gifts but knowing that the gift was given to you by a special someone who really loves you makes it even better.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. Good morning, friend...
    Your sweet spirit just shines thru on this post...I can see why you have so many friends and that they love you!
    Happy Pink Saturday...
    xo bj

  3. Your rosy posy hot chocolate mug is beautiful!
    Saw a wire dress form at Hobby Lobby the other day when son and I went to the big city!
    Yours, being vintage, will be even better.
    How lovely to have that to gussy up!
    I'm sure there will be roses on it, somewhere, right?
    Happy pink Saturday sweetie pie!

  4. Love your hot chocolate mug! And, your wonderful spirit!

  5. What a sweet mug. I bought a dress form last year that is on wheels. I love her and have her in a nice gray and white scarf with gray cashmere gloves. I cannot for the life of me remember what I named her??? That will "bug" me all day!!

    Have a great Pink Saturday!!


  6. Sending you much pink love, Jane! I'm having to fight Annie to get her out of my fabric stash. She can be quite the determined cuss at times!


    Sheila :-)

  7. Hats off to you...Indeed....
    For a champion of the cause deserves to be applauded :)

    I am happy too that you have found, in this vast blogland...those individuals who have become part of the inner circle for you...

    I agree that friendship is most definitely invaluable!

  8. Hope you are having a beautiful Pink Saturday!

  9. I love the mug. How lovely for your friend to pass on her dress form. I'd love one, but where to put it in our tiny cottage? Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. happy pink saturday.
    congrats on your dress form. you will have lots of fun.

  11. Every time I see "Claudia" it strikes me!! It's like I'm loosing my mind of something...did I comment already? I'm not that old? lol
    You are so very welcome for your lovely thoughts on friendship today Lady Jane.
    I also know your beautiful friend The Dear Ol' Dame Penniwig. She is so funny and generous. I love her.
    A dress form?? I didn't know you wanted one so badly. Oh have fun with it. Can't wait to see it.
    Now Lady Jane I have another little surprise for you. Since you liked my little chic so much I would like to know if you would like one? I know it's not much but they are really cute aren't they? I had a little contest going that nobody knew about. Who ever had a sweet comment about my little hot pink chic got one.
    You and Mimi have won one.
    Let me know my friend.
    Love Claudie

  12. Happy Pink Saturday!

    What a cute pink rabbit!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  13. Happy Pink Saturday!!!!!!!What a cute pink rabbit!
    visit me anytime....

  14. your mug is so lovely and you're so lucky getting the dress form. i've been looking for one too. hope you have a wonderful pink week!!

  15. Blogger friendship is outstanding. Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. I am doing pink saturday round late this week.. and I love the pink mug!. and wishing you a great week! take care!

  17. Happy Belated PSat! LOVE that vintage chocolate mug! How great to have a friend who knows exactly what you would like! Dana