Sunday, March 1, 2009

MARCH on in girls...I know you want to leave a comment!

Top of the Morning to you my Bloggie Friends! Sigh...I am having computer issues! Yes I have received your E-mails...I do not know what is going on! Sigh...yesterday alot of my Pink Saturday Girls could NOT comment on my blog,sigh,I love comments! Even my regular Blog followers could NOT get in! I could not post on alot of other blogspots! Was it just me,or did others have problems? Is it King Googleor me with the googly eyes?
Typepad you ever have problems? Someone PLEASE help...try to leave a comment on this about nothing post! You can contact me by e-mail thru my Profile if you have I really want to figure this out!


  1. Here goes a test comment on your blog. Hoping it goes through. Yours came through on mine.

  2. yo tuve problemas con mi pc para dejarle comentarios no me rea posible, con otra computadora la de mi marido pude dejarle comentario, hay grandes problemas con los blog ultimamente, yo lo estoy teniendo con el mio y para dejar comentarios en otros. sera cuestion de preguntar en blogger.
    I am so sorry, but I wrotte in spanish is very late, I hope you can understand me.
    visit me anytime...

  3. Hi Jane my lil' punkin...
    I've hit snags today on many sites when trying to leave comments.
    Hope all is well.....another week begins!